Industry Specific AI Recruiting Technology

Talent Is Your Greatest Asset is a data driven and AI enhanced talent acquisition solution.  Our Explorator platform is designed to find your most highly qualified candidates while reducing your time to hiring, sourcing, your research efforts and overall cost.

We aren’t here to disrupt your business – we’re here to help you grow.

We’re more than data driven.  We’re intelligence driven.

Industry Specific Design

We’re designed for your business, not everybody’s business.

Explorator analyses billions of industry-specific data points as well as relevant data within a candidate profile (content, social media, skills, experience and more) to provide a comprehensive, multi-dimensional view of your candidates.

Explorator ingests industry-specific data from :

  •  Dozens of vertical-specific business data sources
  •  Social media and other publishing platforms
  •  First-party data from your ATS or CMS


This creates a massive vertical-business graph of 1st and 3rd party data from which your most qualified candidates emerge. Not more candidates.  Better qualified.

Talent Automation

Sinecure automates the “hard stuff”.  Creating your candidate pipeline and conducting your candidate research.  We spare you from outdated search processes and practices.

No more building search queries.  No more time consuming background searches on Google.  No more scraping LinkedIn.

We gather all of the industry data for you and finish off with automated, holistic research that efficiently assesses candidates’ skills and values for the position.

Your search is completed within minutes, not hours or days.  Saving you precious time and money while producing a more qualified set of candidates. – Hiring.Simple.

Bring Your Own Data

Enterprises collect massive amounts of data.  Your applicant tracking system, CRM insights, employee reviews and social media.  The question is, how do you make that data actionable?


Sinecure has built an artificial intelligence platform that uses your data to make your candidate selection process intelligent.  First party provides the insights and third party data provides the scale necessary to find the best candidates.


Simply import your data into your own secure Sinecure deployment and we take care of the rest.  Mapping the key attributes, insights, qualitative and quantitative data to make your recruiting process fast and efficient.

FOMO Freelance Marketplace

The future of work is built around freedom, flexibility and choices.  As the Gig economy expands into skills based and knowledge based roles we will need a solution to connect great companies with the best freelance talent available.


Utilizing our artificial intelligence candidate platform we can find exactly what you need for that contract role.  Whether it’s a CFO, product lead or creative director.  Sinecure has the scale, knowledge and insights needed to make that quick hire.

Hiring. Simple.

The process of finding great talent is hard, until now. automates candidate sourcing and communication