AI-powered talent discovery made simple.

Sinecure is a talent discovery platform that uses AI-powered products to deliver candidates who are the right fit and who stay put…

candidates you actually want to hire.

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Sinecure is committed to delivering the candidates you actually want to hire with solutions that promise precision, speed & predictability.

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Highly customizable targeting options drive precision results

We use proprietary deep learning technology to help you achieve precision results for each of your unique candidate searches.
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Easy-to-use search and automated research speed up the process

Smart, automated systems are calibrated to work fast and save large amounts of time that lead to improved “time to hire” and “time to fill” metrics.
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More accurate matching technology ensures predictable outcomes

Optimized candidate-to-role matching capabilities lead to more predictable hiring outcomes, reducing churn and improving job satisfaction.
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Sinecure delivers exceptional results for you.


Reduction in time to fill


Candidate match rate


Reduction in time spent sourcing


Reduction in recruiting expenses

Source: Sinecure MVP User Testing

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Sinecure’s business is centered on simplifying the talent discovery process.

Our definition of “talent discovery” refers to the process of hyper-accurately identifying and vetting candidates who possess the exact skills, knowledge and experience that are desired for a particular job opening. Along with assessing technical skills and experience, talent discovery at Sinecure utilizes AI to dig deeper into candidate aptitude and future potential.

Try it now to see how you can save time & money simplifying your talent discovery process.