Intelligent Talent Acquisition is the only industry specific talent acquisition solution.  Our proprietary platform, Explorator, has built a business graph that collects billions of data points on skill and attributes.  Eliminating the guesswork of candidate selection through Artificial Intelligence.

Talent is your organization's greatest asset.

Investing in your people increases profitability, employee retention and satisfaction. Which improves your business performance.


AI Enhanced Talent Acquisition

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Automated Candidate Selection

Sinecure's Skill Extractor utilizes Natural Language Processing to automate your search queries, skills assessment and values matching.

Eliminate Manual Research

Sinecure’s proprietary Explorator technology analyzes industry specific websites, blogs and social media to provide a comprehensive candidate view.

Bring Your Own Data

Businesses have collected massive amounts of applicant and employee data. Question is what do you do with it? Problem solved. Sinecure let’s you utilize that data to make great hiring decisions.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

You need software that meets your business not everybody's business. Explorator is the only platform designed for specific industries through customized data and machine learning.

Diversity Is Critical for Success

A diverse workforce drives innovation, creativity and profitability. Sinecure is eliminating biases in data to address the need for a diverse, modern workforce

We Understand Recruiting

Sinecure’s platform was designed by recruiters for recruiters. Our engineers are also hiring managers. Our DNA is decades of recruiting experience and expertise.

Hiring. Simple.

The process of finding great talent is hard, until now. automates candidate sourcing and communication